Have you ever watched a mountain fall
Like crystal caverns scattering down?
Have you witnessed tall become so small–
Buy seventeen new cars to make interpretive house calls–
Have you cut out the whine, the groaning, the moan of doubt?
Ample parking space for the insufficient balls,
Pleasantries seduce the crowds but reduce us to our faults,
Have you checked the lunch menu? There’s a list of what’s on tap,
And it tastes like crap,
Like the discount adds to facts,
Get so pissed off when we rap
Like it’s scary just to have
Abilities and scarred up hands
Like we stand
On restorative moral mechanisms
Like the weakness is defective,
Detective, inspected for invective,
I’ll peddle less, distance is wet,
Projector test, spinning reels make stupid bets.
Take incarcerative prescriptional pretense
To the credit union, banks take hand over fist.
Writer’s pen makes weird decisions,
Pestilence is a pretender,
Best to get belittled a bit less, it’s ended
And I quit the bender,
Spent my ticking watch on questions,
Bent my brain but my heart’s invested.
Spend it all on what’s important, forgiveness is addictive,
Hit me, hit me again, I found what I envy!
Bless me, or don’t, curses fertilize me,
Hurt me, I’ll hold onto what I have been given
And let go of all the places I still think I’m perfect.
I’ll blaze it up in tracks that scream like a 4H gathering,
Made this all at home, but I brewed it up so carefully,
Penitence is worthless when I leave aside the mercy,
Picking at the scab won’t encourage faster healing,
And slot machine casino stops make everything so thoughtless,
But I’m spotlessly
Covered over in my need,
Picking crumbs up from that Meal,
Just a dog to call to feel;
I’m exuberant with ecstasy,
I was expelled from a week of grief,
Briefly bereaved to prevent what I feared,
Presently attestamenting that my perfect arc can veer
And future tense just grabs attention from what’s already here.
Unconditional love skips reservation, I’ll attempt to make frickin’ lemonade,
My potential lies in the places I’ve been unmade,
I’m unmatched in my wordsmith-forged carrousel games,
Pick a horse and stay on it, I’ve never seen the Way,
Swinging chains make crystal chimes attempt to sing to stay,
I burned my fingers on the carpet, flipped a wrist to pray,
King Saul gave me armour, but I only know the sling.
Mountain turned to dust and spray,
Like waves that crash against the quay,
Boardwalk fell but I’m okay.
I’m preserved by bigger faith.


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