Like varnish,
I’m barbed and
These thorny
Lines are prickling ears.
Tickling tears,
Bespeckling with deer
Like a wilderness in winter,
Gets abruptly cold, turned teeth
From ententacling into trouble terribly,
Take turns trickin’ thieves,
But takes a left turn at something that is just a little bit less East,
So take a test please,
I’m unattestable,
Bent outta shape, I took
A lot longer than I had a right to take,
Current pulled stronger than I can ever fake,
Trip me out, I medicate but kill me with less hate.
Who can take my defense if I trumpet I got faith?
Ambassadors on donkeys can’t listen through their flags,
Get me out this saddle, I still don’t know what I’ve done.
Push me, pull me, pander me, I petrify the mountain,
But kill me lest I hesitate in my hidden garden,
Inward blending of my bitterness at pardon.
Buildings are pretended soundbars kicking at celestial stardom,
Blaze my beats, I’ll build a better place to guard them.
Tempted I could pull away, pestilence just drains me dry.
I’ve become irreparably embarrassed by me, oh my,
My carefully created, measured out to boundlessly
Description of my version of my bullet time point blank cheek.
I’m​ not happy dressed in guilt or getting up so publically.
Can’t take credit or the pressure, think it might kill me.
Gotta dance, or something gladly, I don’t want to bleed.
Bust these bonds,
Bounce me home,
Build my hope
In people, ohhh,
Builder, boss me better,
I’m imbibing bitter butter.
Brittleness berates my back,
But I’m unbearably umbrellad by my past.
Try to break the bondage but I barely broke the bat.
Build me better, I’m unable sorry bust my bonds I’m flat…
Bet a little bit less on my greed, and heal my hurt, for the sake, for the sake of love.


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