There’s a man in the park.
He’s screaming at the dark.
I’ve heard it all, but it still smarts,
I don’t mind crying for the broken heart.
Watch me, judge me, on my balcony I mark
The path of the broken and the way of the lark.
I hope he finds peace before sunrise births its art,
Hope the helicopter that’s tripping him out flies away so far.
I’m praying Jesus finds him now and intercepts those evil darts.
Man, oh man, you’re worth more than you think; it’s hard
And you never once expected what you got,
But there’s hope, I know it’s true, please quiet your heart,
Don’t you know how much you’re worth? Where could I even start?
Justice for the broken, the oppressed, the ones tied in the dark.
Addictions make ten slaves out of a single spark.
I know what it’s like to be broken, splintered shards,
So I will not stop praying until that devil departs.


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