May I

I’m waiting for my medicine,
Called my friend and he said he could help,
Took my request with a grin.
Hoping I can let go of everything.
I don’t sleep well, but I win
When I don’t hold onto my sin.
I just want my medicine
So my brain can settle in.
I am thankful for my medicine.
I’ll smoke a blunt in Jesus’ Name,
And burn like acetylene.

I did not decide to pursue forgiving rain.
I just ended helpless so I cried and now I claim
My place that’s prepared for my janky, messed up faith.
I still have it, and I know He’ll keep my place.
Maybe I could do better but not without grace.
I hope it gets here soon because I’m feeling grey.
I could make a song, but I’m distracted by my pain.
Cigarettes don’t take away the restless voice​ of blame.
I can’t do a lot, but I’d really rather stay.

May I,
May I, may I
Make this beat fly?
Chase what’s in my eye?
May I,
May I, may I
Become less of my
And more of Christ?
May I,
May I, may I?

They say, “If you’re forgiven, then why don’t you believe it?”
Jesus says, “You’re already made clean by hearing Me.”
I can probably unleash a rap beast,
Hammer down, let me take you for a beat.

I’m ripping,
So done tripping,
I’m skipping on the spit banks,
I’ma slip on sticky tape to break dance,
Bust an audible move, slap you with alliterative bars,
I’m just roll it on and on til everybody’s seeing stars,
Keep me in line, guess a Kit Kat broke apart,
Blessings set on tap no matter what.
Settle me down, rap’s gonna tear up that mat.
So skip back, kill the bitterness before it gets handy,
Make sick tracks, sideloaded with a jacked up garnish,
Did you wanna know, didn’t think so, I’m untarnished,
Better bet a little better next time I get squashed and
Take a ticking time watch with me when I’m tickled by my past
Tense, so far overspent, feeling bent but I’m made new again.

May I,
May I, may I
Make this beat fly?
Overcome what’s stuck in my eye?
May I,
May I, may I
Become less of my
And more of Jesus Christ?
May I,
May I, may I?

I’ma whack this bat
Over your head like a panic attack,
Lemme blaze a little pot, lemme get taken aback,
Lemme skip the backhanded thoughts that crack
Like whips in my heart, cardiac inside man gasps last.
Lemmings topple offa cliffs, follow but maybe blame their backs,
Lemons just make lemonade, checking out cannot build back.
If it’s medical, I lack, but I like what Mexico has,
Yeah, if I had to pick a place to vacation it’s that.
Where it’s cold, and always snows, we just survive like it’s a fact
Of life, nothing we can do about that,
But I could swing a tennis racket
A second, third, four hundred and a half
More times and I’d still just fall right flat.


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