Forward, onward,
We can fly, we can soar…
Take it slow if you’re not bored.
Let me know, we get forlorn,
Forward, tomorrow,
Let’s make a way onward,
We can fly over clouds of scorn,
We can soar through the rain without abrupt changes,

So tell us what you’re facing,
I left revenge in my basement,
My interpretation of your situation
Was severely lacking in mercy, grace and
Abrupt change

Take me away,
I overfill the page.
Take my inner hatred
And threw it in a lake.
It roars and throws out flame,
I stand too close, my shame.
Old friend, you knew my name,
But I am new, betrayers​ claim
Incorrectly, but I’ll take the blame.
I’ll take the blame and get abruptly changed.

Spend my time by flowers,
I tend to a small garden
On my balcony, I hardly
Ever go far from my other green.
Wished that it was different, but I feel kinda clean.
Wash me from the Laughter who walks behind me,
And kick his sorry ass until he can’t contain his scream.
I can hardly keep that line contained inside this rhythm,
Do you think a warrior wordsmith can waste a beat?
I’m abruptly​ changing

My direction,
My inside man’s reflection
Isn’t worth what I’ve projected.
Spray my worth around, misdirection,
Yell at everybody all about me, check my intentions,
I didn’t even give John Reuben a mention,
Didn’t think to listen again to his take on the self-righteous,
Became exactly what I was afraid of.
But then I abruptly changed.

I went from insane
To a carefully geared up brain,
The other one still calls me names
And I’m reflecting more than strange,
But inside where I pray,
Where I entertain the thoughts I may,
Play around with self education games,
That’s become abruptly changed.

Oh hey,
Oh hey,
I went insane.
King Nebuchadnezzar all the way.
Told God I wouldn’t take
The bad with the good that He gave.
And I went so insane.
So terribly,
And hilariously
But then abrupted change.


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