Lawnmowers are terribly frightening,
Ongoing scars leave me for what I’m fighting,
Bewilderment can’t have my faith, frustration
Mocks my hope, but cannot take it.
Big groups, loud noises, get me away from this,
City screams loud when I’m feeling so impatient,
Spirit lead me onward, I don’t think I’m impotent
Or impertinent, repentant but anti-interrogant,
Guess I’m feeling perilous,
Serendipity is querilous.

Anointed vocation with a dash of turpentine,
All I ever wanted was some tape to mark my line,
But it faded, now it’s sticky and I try to keep it fine,
But turning ’round in circles makes me feel nauseous and blind.
Let me know the truth or fail, but we can only tell the time.
Ticking overspent seconds away with your shocking, sexist punch lines,
Maybe the rest of us will find the way to overthrow the crimes
Of our lives, of our past infraction lies,
Maybe we won’t ignore the truth this time.
I just hope for the good that you can find.
I desperately wanna see Jesus’ Kingdom in my life.


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