The wind doesn’t really
Blow from the east here.
Living in the west is hardly
Free from gusts of mountain breeze,
Warner weather beyond walls of granite,
Check the pallette, see if it’s still green.
Climbing over fences, reach
Further ’til you think you teach.
I’m a tale, cautionary,
See, I can’t sing like a canary,
Find me sitting in sanctuary,
Desert wind blows me to honey.
Locusts make me think real funny
And smoking dope implicates me, lovely.
But I promise that the grass will be
Greener if you take the journey
One day at a time, skip the bits where you feel ornery,
Adjustable bifocal lenses might enable you to see,
And time will teach you not to scream.
Hope costs more than homeless grief,
And mercy drops the charge for free.
Wind will lift me like a leaf,
Raindrops gather in like peace.
Dew contains gentle relief.
Dance like you’re caught in a breeze.


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