Been Ripping

Somebody get a video camera ready
Because I’m going to bring a broom
To the dumpster and
Smash plates
And yell about stupid mood
disorders for a while.
Pardon if my rude
Unintended miscorrection
From my bad attitude
My Mr. T impression,
I’m terribly pale, it’s true.
A Team references
Might not undermine the truth,
But I am feeling imperceptive,
And I’m worried that I hurt you.
Yeah, I’m feeling kinda misdirected
And I’d rather chew on Super Glue.
I transplanted flowers in the evening to mark my transgression,
I misunderstand insanity, chase my reflection.
But if I’m honest, straight with you,
I could say I fishtail through.
Karaganas make awful stew.

I wrote this to the Supertones,
I’ll find the rhythm later, throw
Down tracks every day; if I don’t,
I get upset and I feel like I’ll croak.
Maybe you can tell me I don’t know
What I’m doing, shouldn’t​ rap. Let it go.
Somebody else is calling for all that you know.
I’m busy, watch out, but I’m sorry though.

The crew doesn’t get united
Until the ship that’s set sailing is untied.
We can follow through or fight it,
But the journey will show you what’s right.
Windy waters wait past the riptide,
If I kick you, please know I will learn to swim right.
Really sucks for both of us, my apology’s ill-timed.
Don’t have time to play at making wishy washy lines,
But I’ll burn this track right down at midnight.

The other day, I opened the door to a restaurant to go in and get a smoothie.
The guy behind the till said, “Hello.”
I said, “I don’t want it,” and left.
It wasn’t like a movie.
I felt pretty stupid.

This isn’t about how much better we make ourselves,
Everyone knows tomorrow changes,
This is about being used for good anyway,
This is about brokenness not standing in the way.
This is about agreeing that the darkness shouldn’t stay
And waiting while our yesterday is thrown into a lake.


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