Lotta flack flying today,
Put my back against safe place,
I’m forgetful, but still don’t deal in hate.
We pretend that we don’t fake,
But wake under buses all pale faced.
We can wear the mask-charade,
But bullshit smells don’t easily fade.

Too good for you?
I’m not as good as poo.
Would you like some proof?
See what’s Jeremy’s brew?
Dogs say hello the same way too,
But we are so human, look what we can do.

If you think I’m pointing fingers,
Get your nose out of my stinker.
Danger, I yell, Danger, Danger,
Friendly voice, but your eyes are strangers.

Somebody blows a whistle, you call it deliberate,
But follow the ambulance just to discriminate.
I’ll stay here, thanks, I’ll piss off the immitants,
Do not follow me unless you look past to where I head.
So sick, I’m fed up, ten handfuls of scorpions,
You can’t look me in the eye when you post hate like terrorists.
Anger is fine, let me chain it in my dungeon,
But when your knives fly, you look stupid as anything.

This is how to be angry,
No passive aggressive pandering.
No self-defense, I know, I agree.
I’m stupid, that is human nature to be.
All of your facts alienate me,
But that should be obvious, you didn’t want my grief.

I’m thankful He Who Walks Behind me
Got swapped out for Someone less mean.
I’m thankful so way down deep
That I can hardly find this beat,
Guess Who talks in my ear,
Take a guess Who whispers near.
He Who Walked Behind me
Bears the lashes of his greed.
And He Who Will Provide for me
Swapped my vanity for peace.

Teach the people how to fail,
Let them wallow in the rain and the hail,
Tell them this insanity is here to stay.
Maybe they will lift you instead of Jesus’ Name.
Healer healing helpless hate,
Repeat, repeal my sweat-and-grime way.
Cover me with hope that says, “I am safe.”
I think the mockers might laugh today.
Xbox One got bricked yesterday.
Making music sucks because you think that I’m vain.
I’m not here to talk about my pain,
But you’re so quiet, I could swear this place is fake.
Maybe I can overcome if I just sit and wait.

Just be quiet, just simmer low,
Take your time, before you know,
It won’t be like it was before,
You might find you have way more
Without the self-righteous repetition bore,
Acting like I’m king way before
Saul got close to the end of his chore.


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