I’m armed up,
Armed up,
Get you with my wordsmithery,
Blindside from outside of your periphery,
Blessed to keep my body like a sanctuary,
I spent half a day playing Pictionary.
Maybe I should write “Mayday” on the outside of my sleeves,
I’m not playing games when I say I don’t feel the way I should be.
Templeton’s insane but I’m working on the long haul here.
Busting out the granite with a hammer pick and elbow grease,
Find another planet with people left to please

I’m armed up,
Armed up,
Stunning with my left hook,
Right might get you stitches, book it,
Bet a billion on a bookie,
But the end can’t be defensive,
Vet it with a second look,
Somebody got me baited, but I won’t back down.
Guess the crushing of embarrassment
Can’t return me to my wants.
Cryptic casted consequences of my crop circle plot.

I’m armed up,
Armed up,
Slinging tracks like I’m Spiderman,
Where’d he go, take a minute, I’m coming back,
Got a new one down, yeah, my rhythm’s overstaffed,
Maybe I could turn it down,
I just can’t keep myself alive.
There’s a field, I’ll burn the town,
Catch me where I drive, there’s a fox tail in the back.
Torch it down, we’ll take it aback,
Now the fire trucks all got flats
Like a madman screaming panic attack.
Call the ambulance back, I don’t have sufficient plans.
Call it deficiency, I’m immitant, but my pride took a major step back.

I’m armed up,
Armed up,
Ripping off the liar’s face
Like his pants on fire, parade
Me in front of the enemy today,
I’m not fading away,
But my keyboard likes to break.
Guess I’d rather fail than fake.
These beats are so in your face,
Didn’t ever know I had it in me to make.
Credit Someone Else, I’m a vessel filled with faith.
Take the blame for my sin, but I cannot change the day.

I’m armed up,
Armed up,
Seventy-eight tries,
Know I’m not paralyzed,
No, but I can sympathize​,
Guess I trip and fall in disguise.
Better not let the lesson bespite.


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