Open Eyes

I’m not cool enough to write
‘Round this place like I’m so wide.
I staple a poem of mine
To a rhythm and I rhyme
It like there’s a beat inside.
I know why,
I won’t lie,
Birthday present for this guy.
Twenty-seventeen, turned my hands to the sky,
God Almighty heard my incessant cry.
And though acceptance of a lie
Turned me inside out, took spine,
God made sure I found His eye
So I would know I can’t survive
On my own, without my Christ.
Jesus knows that I’m alive;
In His safe place I abide.
Tell you all I’m filled with pride
That I bear this thorn in my side.
But there’s always that rabid bite,
That ancient evil, acid lie.
Some days, I’ll moan and groan all night,
Like, “Take this from me, I’m all dry,”
Or “if You don’t help me, God, I’ll die.”
If I neglect, it grows suicide,
But I know now, it’s justified.
I miss heaven, and that’s alright.
I don’t need to scream and cry.
Oh, yeah, that’s right,
I hear you, Fright.
Caught you this time with a blindside,
Left hook, right, I’m so bonafide.
Guess Who caught me when I died!
Yeah that’s right, Messiah Christ!
I hear angry voices in my mind,
I’ma slam the shutters, you can stay outside.
You’re not invited, I’m already His child.
‘Cause some day yet, I’ll ignite
Like a rocket in the night,
Soul inside of me shines bright
Because Jesus gave His life.
Don’t we know there’s more at nigh
Than ceremony can vilify?
Pretender can turn aside.
Jesus only knows where I can hide.
I am safe, so safe, at His side
That I can adamantly emphasize:
Darkness does not belong in my mind
And I know that I’m heaven-kind.
You can’t take away that my
Lord is God and He can’t die.
I know I won’t comprehend why
God would let me lose my mind.
And I think I could maybe fly
If my faith increased to size,
But Who knows, I am not that bright,
Maybe I would chase after my pride.
In time, in time, in time, oh my,
I will find that I’m in line,
That I want what God has in mind,
But until then, and til I die,
I will wait so He provides.
I would rather lose my eye
Than trade His gift for what I like.
But i am weak like Ikea kites,
And I feel tired so I cry,
But Jesus promised and does not lie.
He forgave me so I’d find
Brand new life safe at His side,
So if it takes a thousand knives
Or a million dollar blind,
I will lift the Name of Christ
With all I have, with all my life.


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