Calculated spectrum-fading,
Introspective ministration,
Self-inspired motivation,
Somebody just won a vacation.

Blow my brazen horn so loudly,
Outta my way, I’m in an Audi.
Drowning out the drunken frenzy,
Chasing peace, I’ma get so rowdy.
Gallop in, cry, “Heya, howdy!”
Guess I think I’m all heroic.
Definitely not that stoic,
But it turns out I wish I’d stowed it.
Providence will keep me going,
I am not invested in moping,
Storing up eternal golden
Fruity trees, this orchard’s growing.
Kinda got all lost in knowing
And ended up being explosive.
Think I’m done with that, it’s over,
Because I’ve returned to hoping.
Yeah, you know I’m only
As much as I let myself believe in.
I’ve undone my inner holy
Man and now I’m reborn fully.
Jesus Christ forgave my ornery
Attitude, and grace will hold me
In His Name, I’m grateful, glory
To Who He Is, I will tell this story
In a million lines, heck, maybe more, He
Showed me truth, then gave me mercy,
And I’m legit like destined for glee.
At the end of this long road will be
Heaven, home, forever peace.



I like Jesus.
He’s like, respite
And requital
And repentance unite.
Helps me write
Little rhymes, rap for my wife,
Music is no obstacle when Holy Spirit’s at my side.


I wanna chill out,
Let myself a little shout.
I’d like to turn my doubt
Into faithful steward clout.
Take my time like roundabouts,
Crossing trains won’t change my route.
Make a little diddy, put it on repeat, mouth
The words like you know but just won’t sing along.
Until the roof comes off, I’ma stick to my guns,
Bet on Jesus, I can overcome.
Thought I was done but God told me, “Come along.”
Paid attention to what I had done,
And took it far from where I run.

So I’ll just blare this saxophone,
Get you dancing like staccato notes,
Simon says you don’t need to know
More than what’s good for your soul.
If there’s hope, don’t let it go.
Some day soon, Jesus knows how,
And if you listen, He won’t wait long,
He says, “Today, don’t fear my call,
“I know all about who you are.
“And don’t forget, I gave it all.”

It’s a pretty awesome God we serve.
Did you know He authored love and peace on earth?
It didn’t come from nowhere, give Him credit where It’s worth,
We’re worth more to our Father than a thousand singing birds.
Everlasting life in Jesus is how He loves His earth.
If we believe and follow Him, obey His every word,
We never fall, or lose our faith, it’s constantly forward.
Promise, it’s true, He gave us His Word.


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