I only meant to give this to You.
Lord, I’m wrong, but what did i do?
I offered my all up in truth,
Desperate, but earnest too.
And what did i get back from You?
Oh, You give so much, renew
My broken mind so I believe too.

Why should I doubt Your love
When You already sent Your Son?
But I feel crushed,
I guess it’s stress,
But it feels more like duress.

Whining, whinging, why me, wine
Tastes intoxicatingly fine,
But I want more than I’ve ever tried,
And I am tired of being retired.
Please re-fire this flame of mine,
I know You already know the right time.

Jesus, You’re worthy of praise.
You’ve done more than I can contain.
My whole life, I waited in vain
For my own way to come out and play.
When it did, all the way,
I just wanted to run away…
Now I’m made.
A picture frame.
And the painting isn’t great.
Please help me unbreak.
You’re a miracle that I’m saved,
I feel fearful, but hopeful today.
Please help me to wait…
And also not to break…?

Now it’s a day later and I wonder why You didn’t.
I’ve got a black eye, I don’t understand, I bit it.
I lost my mind and went berserk, I did this.
Not You, just me, can I be forgiven?
I didn’t want to produce lumpy-headed misery.
Bible says it’s fools that harbour anger deep inside, it’s greed,
And I only want You, please listen to me.
Oh Jesus, I need Your peace.

To let go
Is wonderful,
And to feel hope
Is like bicycle spokes.
Love doesn’t let go,
And mercy always flows
From the heavenly throne
Where it’s God alone
Who’s worthy of song.
So don’t hold on
To what’s bound to be gone,
And remember to run;
Endurance, just go on.

He’s worthy.
I am thirsty.
He gives mercy,
Gives new birth, He
Won’t give up on me.
I will always be
In His arms so free,
Jehovah God is holy.
And loyal to heal.
The thief comes to steal,
Kill, destroy with zeal,
Ruin everything,
But Jesus is King,
And I will honour His Name.

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