I should write a song called “Serene,”
Where I talk about my dreams,
Where I’m not too scared to sing.

I could find what’s strong in me,
Bare it all like I’m pristine,
Scarab bites follow like bees.

But it’s not January,
Seasons come and go without parking,
Most of what is cold cries in the heat.

Barbecued roast beef
Is paradoxical and weak,
Cover up good truth with hickory.

Everything I read…
These days, it’s all so mean.
Like boxes for the Queens,
Like we’re all wandering.

They categorize me.
Dispensary of need.
Every diagnosis breeds
More desire inside, just greed.
Make me better, vitamin D,
Like summer takes all of winter’s green.
But God, I know You always see.
You know what I pray for, please
Don’t let the angry voices near.

I succumb to what they say.
Listen close, I pull up a chair,
We’ll tell you all about your day,
Why you fell and what to pray.
But God, You know I cannot pay
What I owe, oh Jesus take
My heart, this flesh is bound to break.
I just can’t break out of this cage.
You know. I know you know my faith.
It’s small but special and I’m okay.
As long as I can call Your Name.


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