I’m kinda like Radagast,
Hit you like a blast from the past,
Talk to rabbits like I’m mad,
“Careful, don’t be scared, you’re safe,” I’m glad
Nobody else can hear me, that the vehicles rush past,
Chasing quiet like I’ve had
Quite enough of city screaming noises like we’re mad,
Like I’ve had.
I’m not mad.
Inside man
Is seated in heaven.
That’s truth you can bank.
Jesus just said thanks.
Said, “Not of the world but stand
“For your God and you’ll be glad.”
And now I am.
And when I’m not, His plan
Is not that I fall flat,
But that I’m faithful and
Believe when He says I’m forgiven.
Oh man.
Politely set aside the argument-ative
Evidential diagnosing of sin.
It’s the same walk we are all in,
Set our sights on the destination,
And clarify my imperceptions.

This is a race,
Chase faith
Like it’s crates
Of rain
That the clouds need to break
Open like buckets of praise.
Buckled up laces
And ironed out blazers,
Implacably placed in
The safety that’s waiting
Ahead if we’re faithful.
No disgrace left,
Take it in pace, just
Let Him rearrange.

Abide in a garden
Where the sun is like a pardon
And the yesteryear’s imparting
Endless fruit for gleeful parting
Of lips in praising God for His heart and
Everlasting Name, righteousness guarding.
Death is dead because of what our God did.

So take second place,
Maybe third if it quakes,
Run on snakes
Stomp like bubble wrap breaks,
Satan stumbles backwards
When we skip the password,
Let our Saviour have words
With the enemy and slam doors.
On the voices of the taunters
In my head head, in your head, these pastures
Of insomnia-inducing flowers,
Like eloping blossoms tryna sneak past bouncers in truck stop showers.


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