Catch Me

Catch me!
Catch me!
I’m falling,
Sick of all my feelings,
I blew through the ceiling,
Love in me seems so fleeting.
Lord, send help so I don’t feel defeated.

Catch me!
Catch me!
I jumped and I’m falling.
Forget the fear, I’ma praise my holy Father,
Lemme let go, memory limericks’ll bother,
So I wanna let go, invest a little further.
Waiting on these wings, hope You catch me, God, I’m hoping.
That You’ll
Catch me!
Catch me!

Catch me!
Catch me!
If I’m sinking in the waves,
Set my eyes back on Your face,
If I’m almost outta faith,
Jesus, You can help me stay!
If You’re with me, there’s no way
That I’m gonna fall out on You today.

Catch me,
Catch me.
Messiah get me out this free falling.
I’m kinda dead in my mind, real pain,
Keeps on befalling me by the side of the way,
When I’m walking carefree, when I think I’m made,
God, keep my feet from potholes, these pitfalls, tricky pornography,
You know everything that tempts me.

Catch me.
Catch me.
Every time I think I got it,
Jesus, You reach me, yeah, You call out,
Spend a lot of my time falling,
Frustrated that I keep reinterpreting my calling.
Baked outta my mind just so I don’t collide inside with my folly.
Get so angry that I didn’t do better that I forget that I follow.
Landed more black eyes over this than anybody’s given Connor.
McGregor, I mean, hope in me nobody’s mocking.
Guess I’d have it easier if I just quit talking.

Catch me.
Catch me.
I’m rambling, scrambling,
Hunter’s trap is slammed on me,
But I know Jesus is free,
And I know that He put His name on me,
I know my sin won’t become my glee,
But I am tired, and I’m falling so deep,
God, can You hear me calling, please open my heart to weep.
Humble me, please, I mean it, I will not go on pridefully.


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