I’ve been picking up puzzle pieces,
Finally putting pedals ’round appearance,
Pestilence promotes the patronizing of prisons,
And past interactions impart placating pastel paints:

Put it up, pay for it like PlayStation on eBay,
Paste a copy of inspired praise,
Pushing pause on Pompeii while grandparents pray,
Purchasers complain, push the price up off the page.
Pulsating prerogatives, politicians appraise:
“Perhaps the prearranged possibilities just appear to be penultimate.”
Passengers post a penguin-pasted pirouette parlay.
Passed up personality to explain,
Parks by parkades pass policy on parades,
Impercievable popcorn police,
Perturbation of the public peace,
Pass the impropriety off on penalty.
Pacify the poor people, past the pompous priest;
Prince of Peace won’t pass up His peeps.

Soulful. Staircase
Stripped scarce, spent space
Solidarity went insane.
Serendipity’s not abstained,
Some things simply stay the same,
Shrugging superhero sage,
Sellout celebrity’s assuaged,
Sinking ship’s exiting sideways,
Starry-eyed sobriety,
Simon says Messiah’s safe.
Soaking up the sun when it’s summer, stay
Situated so assistance sits where it’s accessible, sustained.
Subscription to succession of secession from solitairy snares.
Suggestive indigestion is just suspended sustenance.
Essential September summer existensionalist incense
Supplies social sources to supplant accidents.
Usurpation sullies self serve station scents,
Celebrate circumcision, set the standard-snip,
Suss the size out, set the sights so selective.

Suspension snaps in strain,
Stainless self-sufficiency strays,
Steady, consistency sustains.
Superstition springs forth snakes.
Scientists suggestions stay.
Suppose your soul’s success is assayed,
Sacrificial mercy slays
The self-supporting suicide chase.


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