Breathless Introduction

Let’s get back to wood grain,
Ebony granite and marble planes,
Away from this dust and these cobwebs of shame,
Let’s put back the chains,
They’re rusty like cranes,
Revoke the way we used to chase trains
In nights too dark to play,
No more pretending away,
Shine bright lightsabers to cut through the haze.

Paper pages with coffee stains,
Pen quill, spilled, fountain ink’s a pain,
Cigarette butts in crystal ash trays
Like the old days,
At least back then we’d abstain
From posting lies in window panes.
Ashes don’t diffuse the pain,
And chasing after death is insane,
But brokenness can fade to background paint
If it’s exposed to the light of day.

The cross of Jesus
Looks like we’re just
Pretending preachers–
And Lord, I see this–
You deliver our careening
When we begin believing
That You free us, that You mean it.
Honestly, I find it hard to receive this,
Like, yeah, but how am I still dreaming
Up hurt in my head, when I could just be hearing
Your heart by mine, nearer to me than my fears are,
But then I realize You hear me,
That You’re already here, perceive deep
Inside of me, bring things out that I couldn’t see.
Life is more than hope, it’s free.
Let me live worshipfully.

I prefer ink wells
To cell phone bells
And spring rain smells
To popcorn melt,
God talks when I don’t feel well,
When it’s all la-dee-da in my head,
He intercepts the end,
Snaps it like a rope, straightened.
Seriously, don’t pretend.
Jesus loves to help you win.
Like, I don’t know how to rap yet.
Two months ago, I wouldn’t have said
I’d ever even consider trying,
Here I am though, feel defiant,
It’s cool so long as I’m for Messiah.

So I’m just here,
Hoping to overcome fear,
Learning to cope mentally,
Turning my life over from grief,
Every now and then I make a beat,
Like what the world, this isn’t me,
But there’s a rhythm in my head, see,
It turns over like a drum, drum, drum beat.
Might as well give the rundown on me.
Spend this track on introduction, stoked beats,
Hope you know God kept me back sixty feet
Suicide tried to throw me in the street,
And I even admitted defeat,
Jesus Christ rescued me,
Told me He already died for me,
Helped me even though I couldn’t see.
Honestly, He’s worth a week,
‘Cause that’ll start a forever need
That Jesus loves to fill with glee.

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