Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

I’m tired,
It’s been heavy.
I think I
Might be ready
To try
Something less mean.
God provides
When I’m lost at sea,
So I’ll try
I’ll try, you’ll see.

I’m lucky.
Donald Duck knees,
But snuck a peak
Of upcoming weeks
And shrugged off the grief,
I’ve stumbled through fear,
Grumbled through my teeth,
Got stuck underneath,
Hard ice above, cold advice beneath.

But unbreakable ice
Is outside my Saviour’s sight.
Crackling black nights
With the thrum of Northern Lights,
Starry, moonless skies, memorized
By ancient eyes, shining still tonight.
Comets could wander, we surmise,
But they’ve got orbits too, defined.
Ribbon clouds like paint strokes shine
Off city lights from a fresher clime.
So roses speak by trying
And books don’t require good eyesight,
An expiration date is never right.
We have everything that God has given–remind
Yourself of His love all the time.

Cotton candy rhymes
Cause cavities over time,
Cancer cannot correct crime,
Cautious, carrier of Light,
Cozy camping costs quiet.
Courage cuffs the corpses’ crime.
Kindling skirts kettles keeping common time.

So sublime,
These candy lines,
Spinnin’ on sticks like it’s cravin’ time.
Clicking like a clock, tick tock, I’m
Always turning over to a rhythm inside.
Abide, like a Bride, by Christ, at His side.
Sorry if I’m clacking like I’m way outta line.
I state this for my mental insides
Messiah’s always right, mend my attitude, my mind.


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