Callout (for Bandlabs)

Lemme get in on this.
Send a little spinny rhyme spit,
To all the rappers in rage fits,
Filling pages like a lyricist,
But you hate like a degenerate.
I’ma grab the mic for a bit.
And you can find a place to sit.

So what’re you all talking about?
Throwing mud at a mud-slinging shout,
Like you’ve got nothing to chase yourself,
Who cares about the haters, how they do?
You’re just perusing mirrors that are all broken and swoon.
Think religion makes war, but you’re legalistic too.

So what are y’all doing?
I’ve been here for less than two
Months, I’m more than brand new.
You think rhythm flows through you?
It’s how I thought before I knew.
You think lyrics help you brood,
But you’re just digging holes to pour mud into.

Tell me how,
Tell me how,
You complain but there’s no hope
In your rhymes, so why do you mope?
Tell me how,
Tell me how,
You refrain from when I’m broke,
But you’d wreak vengeance on my doubt.

I’m not just chasing this alone.
I told you Jesus is my hope.
Told you I’m mentally unwhole,
That my God has saved my soul.
That new life now makes me grow
In the salvation of my home.

Tell me how,
Tell me how,
You’ll really forgive the merciless
If nobody gives you grace?
Tell me how,
Tell me how,
Chasing your own pain will win
Anything more than more pain?

There’s hope on tap here.
Promise, not just rapping.
Jesus is at the door, happy
To invite you in, you’ll receive.
Belief becomes a real career.
Relief reveals a treasure so clear.
He forgave the murdering cheer
As He hung on the cross, weeping tears
For the pain in the hearts of His children so dear,
That they would miss the single chance their Father was near.
So now He’s forever King.
He sits on Mercy’s seat.
He gives forever peace
To whoever believes.


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