Every day feels like a memory
That I once dreamed,
Smells of this Alberta breeze,
Quiet like Edmonton eves,
Singing softly on my balcony,
So tradesmen don’t hear me,
Not sure what use God sees,
In me when I’m just anxiety,
I counted on you, dopamine,
OCD just loves to grieve…
You can point the finger, keen
Eye you’ve got there, but you cross the street.
Waiting on Samaritans, that’s me.
You’re more like a Pharisee, you thief,
You take away the last of my peace.

I guess the price of always being right
Instead of getting realigned,
When you’re wrong isn’t worth pride.
I guess when we compromise,
And we think we’re not caught in lies,
Correction isn’t worth our while…

Yesterday, I had a memory
Come back–I won’t unveil this scream–
It’s not for you, wish it wasn’t for me,
But I’ll tell you now, I feel more free.
It’s more now than I can deal in ease,
But I know how to say this happened to me.

I am not guilty, I am not guilty.
Not of this, not of my grief.
I’m not condemned, it was just the thief.
I am not guilty, I am not guilty.
Not of this, not of my grief.
I’m not condemned it was just the thief.

It’s like watching the sun come up.
Feels a little darker, ride the moon till dusk,
Temperature drops colder, shiver with a shrug,
Night ends like a boulder rolling from a tug,
Truth won’t hurt forever, there’s a purpose to it all.
Who you are in heaven will become the way you walk.

Lord, You know I still feel grey.
Feels empty for me to say
That I feel any faith today.
But I’m not walking for pain.
My eyes don’t see straight anyway.
Please help me to wait in faith.
Please help me to pray…
I know hope won’t fade away.
So part these shady lies today.
Or if it’s better, I can wait.
You make me strong inside Your grace.

I can’t say that I don’t feel frayed.
Lots of my inside man’s dismayed,
But I know that I understand pain.
I can see what caused the break.
I know it’s not man I hate.
That lies make people go insane.
I know that in time I’ll praise
Your perfect, holy, righteous Name.


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