I’ma write this down so it means more later.
Tell you about what I found when I got a paper,
Death note, but I am no tattle taler,
Lemme climb up on out of this cattle trailer.
Write me a citation so I don’t feel the hatred,
But there’s more to diagnosing situations
Than performing exhortations,
I can’t feel the impartation
When all I want’s to see seas parting.
Journey walk is your vocation,
And now there’s no more immolation.

I once saw a man sprint to get a free tattoo.
Another one did handstands when he had a couple brews,
Immoral you could say, or you could snag a little truth,
See, both of them knew joy gives life value.
Maybe if we want, we could judge their attitude.
Going on like “Blah blah blah, tattoo ink’s bad for you.”
Give sage-like advice, saying alcohol is brash and rude,
But in honesty, there was something they knew.

Hunter’s trap snaps
Shut like a thunderclap.
Snare got a catch,
Like a fish flapping back
And forth, that’s the egg that hatched.
No matter what lacks,
Get your backpack
Out, it’s not slack.
There’s always a track
To push the luck back.
No matter how bad
It gets, you’ll have had
Enough help when you fall flat.
So no more panic attacks,
This Linux pact
Just turned on me, stacked
My chips in my lap.
Now I’ll stand and scatter it back,
‘Cause I’ve got love on tap,
It flows from a vat

That’s deeper than space,
Further wide than wind can chase,
Brighter than the stars that fade
Shining bright when there’s no rain,
Cloudy days don’t cost the same
When you’re in Messiah’s Place.
Palace, embrace, forever engraved,
Saviour will chase whosoever wants faith.

There’s hope that grows
An active rose,
Blossoming full
Like raspberry rows,
And freshly minced cloves.
Cardamom knows
That heaven enfolds,
Intricately enclosed
‘Round hearts like gold,
Keeps us true as we’re told.


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