It’s been a long road,
And on ahead it goes,
Felt like guns would unload,
But life is not a funeral
And death is no fun at all.
So onward we’ll go.

Thanks for the shoulder I cried on.
Thank you for telling me ’bout Messiah,
That He cares about my trial.
Thank you for teaching He provides.
Thank you for not denying,
For not running far from my solo.
Thank you for pulling for my all
When I was just walking in denial.
Thank you for not giving up on Jeremiah.

Some really did.
I was feeling dead,
But onward they went,
So now I’ll defend
The broken, hardly fed
Outcasts society rejects.

Notice I didn’t say “defends.”
Or “pretends.”

I’m out here breaking lies,
Nobody who sees me can deny,
“He tells the truth, but watch his eyes,”
Are you helping me defy
What’s really wrong or do you hide?
Is it trust or lies you hide behind?
Are we terrified of night?
This Army of Darkness is not bright.
They’re skeletal and explode when you fight,
So why oh why does the line change point lights
Just stupid green lasers in the night.
Good job, now pilot has no eyesight.
Where is your fighting gear tonight?

I can moan and groan,
Toil all on my own.
I can intone,
Tell everyone to atone,
But that’s not hope,
Not when they don’t know
Jesus brought you home.
Really, really home…
Like, not just a wardrobe,
But a whole entire home,
With living streams that flow
With more than you could hope.
It’s waiting there, you know.
At the end of the road.
It’s worth all the stones
In your boots, worth the groans,
It’s worth the tears and it’s worth more
Than we know,
Even alone.

If I just blow
Hot air, send help.
I won’t last long,
Empty on my own,
More than you know.
I can’t even think slow
Without the Holy Spirit’s flow.
So keep your anger low.
This is all I know…
Left the rest of me below
Where it got caught in undertow.
So stay with me, Lord,
Without You, I’m hollow.


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