This isn’t written down for likes.
In fact, some days I’d rather eat knives
Than jump like I’ve got nine lives,
Fievel’s out west, but he sought sweeter climes,
Grass is no greener, but what else do you find?
It’s not the journey, nor the climb.
Maybe it’s a little about investing time,
But over all, it’s our God Who abides.
Not the Dude, not the lies,
Not the strutting about of pride,
Or making ourselves wise.
We fade, but chase after Jesus Christ.
The First and Last, He paid the price.
No one else came close, suffice
That we are sinful, that we’re done with hype.
No more replacing how with what and why,
If I’m a lens, I’ll scatter the Light
Diffuse it so the cave shines up bright,
Messiah King forever won the fight,
He went to hell and kicked out the night.
Locked up the doors, bound them up tight.
He holds the keys now with everlasting might.

So I worship Him,
Overturned from sin,
He seriously wins,
My whole life is hidden,
Covered like white silken
Robes that won’t wear thin.

There’s a man who spent his twenties
Acting like he was thirty,
And spent all the next ten years
Living like he was twenty,
But when he got to forty,
He wished he’d once been twenty.
But fifty was 4:20.

Listen, it’s pithy.

Thornbushes might be prickly,
But a rose petal bruises gingerly.
Songbirds greet each day with glee
And lift their singing from the trees.
Clouds just mean there’s rain for dreams,
And harder work might go unseen,
Roots reach down before there’s green,
A well is empty until it’s deep.

I’m not intelligent,
On my own I’m hell-bent.
Conceited folk turn a lip,
Fancy lies cover the whip
But I’m not sure why I’d repent
Of living open and honest.
I’m accidentally unconscious
Of what should be obvious,
But I’m not oblivious to this,
Just find no benefit in regret,
No empty nets, just rejects,
Can’t expect the respect
If we’re just working for recess.
Guess I’ll just repeat this:
Nothing’s good but Jesus.
Without Him, I’m bereft,
But if it’s His, let me be content.

Appetite’s not attitude,
Satellites don’t stand with you,
Battles might beleaguere troops,
But thunder follows lightning too,
And memories may want to bruise,
But beginnings end with truth.
Diamonds form deep in the cool,
The steady seeker is no fool.
Fear is only fed by you,
Better to begin anew.


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