Aww, come on, the clock keeps ticking and
I don’t want you to tell me that I gotta take my medicine
Again, I just wanna be a gentleman.
Looking right and well settled in,
Burning flame bright like acetylene,
Endurance like I have steady hands
In the lineup, in the checkout lane.
Like I’m not just shaking like penultimate.
Like I’m not just breaking out in shakes again.
Lemme take my medicine.
Guess I, guess I got to get it in.
My medicine…

I don’t always want this,
To be honest, I regress,
Prefer my familar place
To the next thing I can chase,
Feel like I can face it,
But that’s not what I’m embracing.
Hopeful though, my faith sings.
Life is more than cannabis,
But medicine has usefulness.

And I feel bit like this smoke
I allow myself to toke,
Like when do I become the joke,
Pull the punchline from my throat.
When’s my pain die from the choke?
Coughing ’til my lungs get old.
Glowing nail: stories told,
Just allow it to unfold,
Curling smoke doesn’t know.

Can’t always get it right,
No, wanna win the fight,
But that’s just endless spite,
There’s no right when you’re in fright.
But there’s blessings in the light.
I know I won’t fall tonight.

Everything we do,
Everything I do,
It’s committed up to You
I’m forgiven and it’s true.
Everything You do…
You’re pure through and through.

Medicate the pain…
In time it’ll fade.
Do what my doctor says,
I often think so grey,
Like I can’t pray,
But today I’ll just say,
“Thanks for the rain.”


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