Every Day

There’s new grace every day,
Ask God why I don’t fade away.
Every morning, it’s like sunrise says:
“God is patient, and provides the Way!”
So don’t be afraid, tears also fade away.
Jehovah God will forever stay.
His Holy Spirit seals you in His state!

So let me maintain defenses,
Let me build up my fences!
There’s foxes hiding in dens again,
Lemme set fire to all these denizens.
Yeah, they won’t stay because heaven says,
“Get outta his way, Jesus’ Name is on him.”

Aww yeah.
We spin it like that.
Lies throw banana peels from backtracks,
But even spinning out won’t throw you out of whack.
Not when Messiah’s got your back!
Buffeted, but wind keeps your sails from slack.
Enemy wants us to trip, but it’s a backfiring trap.

New grace
Every day,
Can’t retry yesterday,
But I can turn and face
The beauty of my Saviour’s faith.
He endured this race,
Finished in first place.
Stomped on death to set its fate.

Can’t spend all our time
On yesterdays and lonely rhymes,
Like I am still afraid of dying.
Who would fear the mocker’s lying?
He’s gone mad with thoughts of maligning.
Messiah’s closer than mockery and sly hints.
He loves the center of our being.
Where we can’t stop ourselves from hearing
That Jesus loves the ones who love His nearness.
That He is God above and He will hold us if we fear Him.
No more crying there, He’s fearless.
No darkness in God, Jesus: Healer.
Loving Father showed his heart so clearly.
Jesus died on a cross so we could be free.
God is unrelenting merciful, forgave us on the tree.
Jesus forgave us on the tree.

My thoughts don’t make sense,
But I know what I want from this.
Don’t need it straight to confess
That I’m a sinner and that I’m a mess.
It’s okay, don’t mind, Jesus is my best.
Oh and when I pass the test,
Peter walking on the water, giving it my best.
Don’t make it less.
This is all that we can bet.
What you believe is how you link
What you like into your living.
Yeah, we worship thoughts like ink.
Someone say the right thing
So I know just what to think.
But it’s a slippy ice rink
Adding water ’til we sink
Until we run into the rain
And Messiah takes the reins.
Heaven has no word for “pain.”


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