There’s someone on the corner,
Holding a hand out, preorder
Your next plaything, get over
Begging to get them desobered,
Don’t give to them, just get colder.
No time to wait, you’re getting older.
Clock is ticking, lunch break is over,
Can’t facilitate a habit blowing over.
But you could save a life by walking slower.
Check for pocket change, eye contact would show her
That she’s human too, that she’s not lower.
Take a spare minute, who knows what you’ll learn.
Brokenness is where wisdom fire burns.

Little bird falls from a nest.
Does that mean he didn’t try his best?
Did he break his neck?
Or is he crying for help?
Wings will grow yet.
When will you win this bet?
How often we kill to survive a test…
While we trumpet about righteousness,
Jesus didn’t fight like this.
He dismembered lies by suffering
For truth, never condescending.
Died for it too, life’s more than a Sunday.
And the thief on the cross beside Him,
What will you say when you meet him in heaven?

I’d rather be the fault
That a hurting man found a $10 rock
Than that I never stopped
To help with what I’ve got.
Nobody knows what God
Has planned but don’t just talk.
Discerning everything is not your job.
Forgiveness is the flame that caught,
And grace will fulfill it before there’s rot.

Meet the thief in heaven,
Find that Jesus found Him,
Never could a man have earned this,
But Christ alone is worthy.
So did He start at thirty?
Or was it wisdom and stature He
Grew in because He believed?
God didn’t just intercede,
Jesus helped us in our need,
Died and rose so we could see,
But also walked a life of peace;
Unoffendable, gave love for free.
Unconditional, your past can’t unbend your knee.

So free,
So holy,
So pure,
So true.
You’re constant,
You’re steady,
You’re lasting.
You are.
Jesus, crowned on high,
Worthy, enthroned in glory skies.
Jesus, enthroned on high
Crowned in glory skies.
Forever, please, abide,
We’re the apple of Your eye.
Heaven’s open wide
Because our Saviour died
And rose again to life.
Forever, glorified.


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