What’s most important?
I’m asking; you answer.
What brings you to mourning?
What drives you, who masters
The pain you feel in your heart?
Do you enjoy life in green pastures?
Or is it valleys where you’ve built a cart
For mining after finding all the answers.
Mountaintops are clear but cold at heart.
Leeward side is good for prancing,
But pacing is essential when it’s hard.

I have an annoyance.
It bothers up my bouyance,
Trips me when I’m enjoying
And mocks my employment.
Always there to point out
When I’m not coy enough.

And when I woke up
This morning, I felt broken,
Like I can’t be working
On myself, not again,
But Lord, You know I’m hoping
For a way to be free of moping,
To get from struggling
To keep my eyes open
To smuggling
People into heaven.

Keep on thinking
I ought to be quitting
Everything, but I’m acquitted,
Already burn inside, I’m smitten.
There’s a cross on my back, it’s written.
I’m not sinning,
I’m rescinding
My fleshly lustings,
My deathly abruptness,
I’m running from this.
Wide roads are winding,
But God’s abiding,
And I’m not up for dying.
Overlook my clever rhyming.
If I’m a plant, my blossoms are dying.

Flowering trees put on a show like they’re bridal,
But fruit comes after they’ve lost every petal.
Jesus raised a little boy to life, offered eternal,
But only after wiping tears for his mother was a widow.
See, compassion cares first before it spies the window
To let a songbird back outside to sing its song where it goes.
And mercy is the salve that restores eyesight in full.

So, do you know?
What’s important to your soul?
I’m not gonna sell you hope.
No, but it’s bubbling from below.
I’m not gonna tell you how,
If I can help it, but I will show.
If you want hope, please don’t hold,
The cards at your chest are begging to fold.
I can’t give you the Way, but I can grow,
And love will be the way they know
That we are Christian, through and through.


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