Left, Right.

Left, right,
Left, right,
Onward march into the night.
Messiah Christ will win this fight,
Press forward, through the blight.
Deserts exist for epics to write.
Dry wind blows with all its might,
Moses didn’t climb Mount Sinai to be trite.
Israelites make gold calves, but we’ll worship tonight.
God is ever faithful, He won’t leave us lonely, hype
Cannot overstate the blessing of His Bride.

Left, right,
Left, right,
Stomp old bones to death, they wait,
Lie in the sand to trip you up, run late,
Snares like minefields from a past hate.
God is not aloof, He’s holding open the gate.
Impervious to evil, He sets the perfect pace.
Plans to benefit His own, He is faithful to chase.

So, lonesome, lost sheep,
Your Messiah longs to keep
You close by, you’re thirsty
And you’re hungry for relief.
Oh He longs to help you feed,
Take of His blessing for free.
Shares His life in love and mercy,
He’s more generous than we could plead.

Left, right,
Left, right.
Jesus made a Way that we can take.
It’s a road above the ache.
Safety from when blisters break.
Let the callous form and take.
If it hurts, know it won’t stay.
Heaven burns the pain away.
You won’t wait too long, no way.
Lift Him up, just praise His name.
Honour, glory to Yahweh!

Left, right.
Left, right.
Just keep on, you will not lose.
God is more faithful than you.
Right and wrong don’t change, renew
The way you think, His mind is true.
Jesus shares His peace, enthuse!
There’s nothing left that we can do
Except just help each other to
Forgive our bad attitudes.

Left, right.
Rest is in sight.
Like the onset of the dawn
Messiah won’t wait long.
You’ve had a glimpse; you long
For the Kingdom of our God.
Now let it rumble on.
Like thunder, rolling long.
Growth is like a gasp of awe.

Rest in sight.
Don’t go left or right.
Set your sights
On the burn of rising light.
Nobody wins this fight,
But Jesus got it right.
Died for His own wife.
Messiah won the fight.
Messiah won the fight.
Worship Him tonight.
He is worthy, praise His might.

Left, right.
Left, right.
Marching on into the night.
City on a hill of light.
Left, right.
Left, right.


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