Finally wrote a song,
And it’s the worst one of them all.
Worked on it all morning long,
And then i derped and closed the app.
Felt pretty stupid, but i don’t give up.
I tried again and made one that’s worse.

Just fodder.
Now I’m writing about it
And I’m gonna praise my Father
In heaven with it, oh i wanna!
Even glad that i have marijuana.
Gratitude in my heart gets me going.
Lord my God, You provide more than I’m ought!
My family is big but we love each other a lot!
I’m fourth from seven, and we don’t just talk.
No, my Lord, you gave us parents who raised us up
In Your Word, and taught us love!
Jesus, You reign in us.
We long for Your love.
Help us always to raise up
Your Name and honor You above.

Now I’m just burping up canna-butter
But I’m missing my brothers,
Wishing to relive those go-kart
Rides in the falltime outside,
We laughed ’til we cried
And drove through the piles
Of leaves and they flew wild.
Snow piles last a while
In the winter, it’s a child’s

Sanctuary bow.
Do you remember how
We fell through the snow
Crusted but soft below,
Walk soft and it’ll hold,
But you tripped and fell
It got inside the shell
Of your parka and melted
Run inside, let Mom help.
Always there when we yelled.
Answered tears with a cup of milk.

I’m older now.
Memories melt like snow.
But lessons are forever, you know.
And blessings like a river flow within my soul.
Nostalgia burbles inside, i know
Messiah knows i need love more than growth.


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