Smell of the wind,
Angelic, it spins
Pirouette dance on skin,
Wheat-essence in heady rain.
Country dust smells like grain.
Angels dance our Father’s praise.
Bolstering cloud pillars grin,
Shroud the closeness of heaven
Until they loom heavy with rain.
Grey, they whelm, but it’s in vain.
Sun comes up tomorrow too, just pray.
My soul will yet praise Jesus’ Name.

I don’t really write songs to tell.
Mostly, I am just capturing smells,
Walking the sea bank, collecting shells,
Put ’em in my pocket lest I slip and fall
In the waves, ’cause the wind is all pell-mell.
Don’t like this? I won’t be the one to tell.
This is what I’m doing now, I’m so compelled.

One year ago, I was a mess.
Stared at the wall for two months, no joke on this.
Locked up in a box of self-righteousness.
Nothing at all is safe when you know best.
There is no hope in faith you test
Like it’s a bet, and you’re a veteran with crest.
Life is rest, it’s true, but you don’t pass the test,
It’s God showing you His best.
Testing Him by you, He’ll get
Through to you yet, take a breath.

God lasts; we flee.
What stays? Fire or heat?
Water boils merrily,
But goes lukewarm quick.
Keep the iron in the flame
And it will glow free of blame,
But it gets cold too, fire won’t stay.
Best to bend it before it’s brittle and it breaks.

On the wind like a mote
Of dust, pollen ghost,
Carried by the bees, buzzing like they boast.
Go slow.
Time shows
What needs to go.
Build hope,
Invest at home.
Slow float,
Faith, hope
Make love grow.
Point home,
Don’t moan
If your heart can intone,
Ask our Lord to atone
Melt this heart of stone.

It’s the wind in the pines,
The growth of grapevines,
The smell of the lines
Of corn reaching high.
Canola shines bright,
There’s a harvest before the fight.
Autumn falls before blight.
Gather up your work, get right.
Winter only stays the night,
Springtime burns it off with spite.
Wind will blow somewhere tonight.


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