This is new!
What did You do?
Hope laden with fruit,
I’m shaking, Your truth,
Like it breaks me in two
Except I’m fixed too.
What am I gonna do?
God, You proved
Who You are, I’m moved!
Oh my God, wow!
Oh my God, wow!

Fall was like, “aww man, potatoes?”
Now I’m looking at trees growing in rows.
Orchard rich with fruit that glows
Like jewelled caves, alive with gold.
Can’t dig deeper than these roots go.
Living water flows within my soul.
Oh my God, wow!
Oh my God, wow!

See, when I thought I was leaving here,
When fear beleaguered my inner peace,
And suicide crept near to me,
Feet were speared,
I couldn’t hear,
Then a voice in my ear,
Jesus whispered, “I’m near.”
And, “Try Me, Jeremy.”
Oh my God, wow!
Oh my God, wow!

Oh my God, wow…

Funny how you can still think to earn it,
Funny how long it takes to learn this,
Hurts me how far I fell before returning.
Grace isn’t earned by anything; it’s given.
Wrench it from the Father’s hand, you’ll see what should be hidden.
Marching on the Promised Land, one man army’s ghastly ending.
Oh my God, wow!
Oh my God, wow!

Compassionate, that’s God.
Lasting, perfect, and thunderous in awe,
Love is in His Name which He honours above all.
Glory to the God Who saved us from the fall!
Worship Jesus, He’s worthy of it all!
Exult in a Father Who gave His all to have us home.
Oh my God, wow!
Oh my God, wow!

When I thought I had to have it all,
That Life becomes fuller when I fake my walk,
Like I could lie to God, oh He broke that.
Let me endure punishment to fix my crooked back.
But He brought me through, now I can look back
Without falling slack, but still why would I do that?
Oh my God, wow.
Oh my God, wow.

I had one prayer,
That I could rest in There,
Where Your Glory’s everywhere,
Your Temple is my lair,
I won’t leave for old despair!
You hold me closer than care,
Messiah’s older than we dare,
Yet He’s more ready than air.
Oh my God, wow!
Oh my God, wow!



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