Thank You

Thank You.
Thank You.

I don’t deserve to say thank You,
But You do;
Thank You.
I’m blown over by truth,
Miracles everywhere,
I see You.
I see You
In the park,
Where the snow lies in the dark,
Rabbits trip out in the lot,
Crossing streets right when there’s cars.

No traffic but they time it bad,
Just like us, You’re patient, Dad.
Cars slide past, slushy splash,
The rabbit quivers, “I hate my past.”
Almost got destroyed at last,
Not his fault, the cars don’t pass
In time with their headlights’ flash.
Just wait, dear rabbit, fear will pass.
Your Father’s hand won’t lose His grasp.

And when the leaves in the autumn
Fall like leafs from the offering,
It seems the people keep scoffing,
Every thought you think is just another coffin,
If we just hold on to His promise,
We won’t fall farther than He wants us.

Not lower, just less.
Go slower, confess,
Take your time, no regret,
There’s a quiet place yet.
Got over this chase
Beloved Saviour came,
Became all that we can’t,
Promised we’d escape death.
God knows we grow praise
When we undergo change,
Sow what we reap; pray.
We will always lift His Name.
Dive into His embrace,
Give Him all that we make.
He’s all we need today.
Raise the roof for Yahweh.

Yeah, You’re worth it all,
We’re all so small,
Quiet and hidden in the dawn
When the soft light still peeks off the clouds,
Checks in her mirror, is it safe yet to yawn?
Encouraged, she stands and sets flame to the sky.

No more hopeless maw,
Doubt won’t clench your jaw,
You had faith and trusted God.
Pain won’t last forever at all.



Can’t sit still so I made another song.
Couldn’t take pills, but invested in a bong.
Can’t see straight, glasses fix what’s wrong.
I even have a comb for when my hair’s too long.

Thank You.
Thank You.

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