I should buy a mic,
One that’s kinda nice,
It’d make me feel bright,
Like I know now what’s right.
But I’d still be fighting the fright,
I’d still be writing for Likes,
Still repressed by my plight.
There’s no ending in sight
If you’re chasing the next heist,
Spoil me just quick, I need life,
Impatience paints the colours with white.
Waiting will always beat strife.
Holy Scriptures cut like a knife,
Right to the quick, not making a sight,
Just doing it right,
Setting us straight.
Helping us take
This day by day,
Dying daily, kill the rage,
No more death in us, no hate.

So I’m just here,
Wake up feeling fear,
Overwhelmed by OCD,
Anxiety generalizes me,
Sit on it ’til I’ve settled, breathe,
Take your time and make some coffee,
This tripping out will fade like a scream.
I’ll take my medicine, I’ll see,
That worship flows right out of me,
I can pursue Jesus’ peace,
He gives it for free.
Gives it–ask!–for free.

He’s more loyal,
Made me Royal,
Anoints me with His oil,
Helps me surrender it all.
Worship the Messiah!
Praises on Mount Zion!

Ripping on some hits,
These old ribs creak like they’ll give,
Cough until it releases, unhinge
My breath gets sightly tinged
By marijuana like I binge.
Oil on my lips
Is a tattle tale’s decrypt,
But the pain fades, I cringe,
Could have faced it, I think,
What am i chasing? I shrink.
I should quit this, it stinks.
I’m acquitted, why slink?
No remittance, I’m sick.
Mental illness likes to stay,
Mess with me, my brain’s a game,
Little imp, this faithful play,
Loyal like a friend but fake.
Jim Butcher told me your name.
I know you now, know what to blame.


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