Honest Questions

Do I medicate?
Or do I dissipate?
Am I hesitant
Inside of the present tense?
Instead of the placid breaths,
Let me present my best.
Withdraw my last protest,
Disturb military tents.
Invest the best of the rest of my intentions.
Skipping out the crested-head interventions.
Emancipate the bed-ridden vets
With the frown in their chests,
Get prevalent, history’s at pens,
Writing with invested intentions,
Somebody get the best of–what’s the direction?
Mark out the lines with tape, check where you’re stepping.
Quit pretending, skies don’t tell you when the world is ending.
Skip the rending,
Write an alternative ending,
Affect what’s trending,
Everybody got a hashtag to defend their cold mindset.
Not our fault if it’s already pre-existent.
It’s time to end this
Constant interruption
Of what’s good, and what’s incoming,
When the bets are off, the promise is impending.
There’s a final hour, we’ve received the ending.
There’s a promise that’s never-ending,
Don’t regret the pain that you remember,
It’s okay, in faith we all surrender,
When we break, it’s–oh, it’s such a wonder
That we have a real, true, loving Father.
Just let go, He’ll catch you when you’re falling.
There’s no peace like when you’re in His Garden.
Just accept His heavenly pardon.
It’s so free, you won’t pretend to want it.


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