Feel like this habit just won’t break?
Like you’ve got more than you can take?
Like the truth disrupts your faith,
Scripture’s more than you can face?
Don’t be afraid,
These habits wait
But your attitude may change,
The time you spend’s no waste,
Don’t give up, intend that it will break,
Just aim for the brakes
And hold on, and
Faith is not a waste.
Truth is never fake.
If it hurts too much to face,
Why not accept His grace?
It’s free, I promise you, He’ll chase
Away your enemies, bring you where it’s safe.
I promise you, He says it’s true, He’ll stay.

You think you’ve overpaid your due,
Think your life just fell through,
You’ve got a rock-bottom-shaped bruise
On your bottom and it’s true…
You know you’re broken in two,
And at the bottom of a pit too.
Think you’ve spent all you’re due…
Haven’t you?
Haven’t you?
Oh oh…
Haven’t you?
Ohhhh oh…

Comfort, oh comfort, My people,
Says the Lord, don’t chase after steeples,
I’ve got you, I don’t give cheap goals,
Heaven is your home,
I adopted you all!
Heaven is your home!
Come home!
It’s free to chase, you know.
It’s given to give your life.
A purpose to drive you forward.
A safe place to invest your all.
Give it your all!
Heaven is your home.
Heaven is your home.
Don’t lose hope,
God won’t let go,
Heaven is your home.


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