Now I’m twenty-eight.
Last year kinda flaked, 
But I’m less sure now of planes
In the night sky, I woke up and it’s plain:
It’s better together if you wanna celebrate. 
Lonely wanderers just cannot sustain, 
But I’ll keep on praising His Name. 

Thought I’d do this cleverly,
But I think these verses end weird.
Nobody else defend me, 
I know now that God protects peace. 
And I know He effectively 
Took over everything I can’t be, 
And now He’s teaching me. 
He’s teaching me. 

I’m amazed 
At this God today. 
I lose my faith,
Feels like every day, 
But God knows my name.
And I will see His face. 
All of us, same day. 
When heaven splits skies so grey
And death turns tail, runs the other way,
We won’t fall because of Yahweh. 
He sent His Son to make the Way. 

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