Take A Minute

It takes a minute to get it,
But a lifetime of regretting
Is all that comes from pretending,
You can lose in a moment, blink, it’s ending,
Forget what matters, ignore what your friends think,
Get caught up in your own mind, illegal entry.
And get turned inside out by your mentors’ self-injury.

Life’s not shifting sand,
That where we stand,
Not the plan,
No, that’s not the plan,
We can stand and we can plant
Our flags in dirt on far away land,
Me, me, me, this belongs to my brand,
Re-identify with new priests every time I feel bad.

But nobody’s listening to the songs
We all sing at the mirror and pretend along,
Tag me in that, get a selfie so the memory’s never gone,
But we missed out the moment, now we’re building alone,
Yeah, sitting at home, reminiscing in throes,
Look at us, look what we did, we pile up rows,
And for what? For whom? Nobody knows.
Nobody knows, nobody knows…

This can’t be about what I look like,
No, you already know everything I fight,
And I walk this road, not turning left or right,
I’m not leading the way, no, I’m reflecting the Light,
It’s no mystery though, no way, I feel fright,
This feels perpetually embarrassing tonight.
This feels infinitely embarrassing tonight.

I wonder if I had been less honest,
If I hadn’t tried to prove I’m on this
By telling you all I am beneath this armour,
Would you still consider me a goner?
Is that all we have? Appraise dishonour.
Is that all we give? Appetite to squander.

Intimate I’m too intense,
Imitate my moods for mindless friends,
Irritate this mind of mine, this mess,
Malign my name while I mine for more than this,
I’m a miser all the way, mimic me or mock my best,
Muse my memories away, make me pay, malady-blessed.

It was easier
Before I reached this year,
But I am not caught up in fear,
Or your headlights, like a deer,
Find the fence post by the pier,
There’s a Name, signed with mine, “I was here.”
Saviour, Heaven, God Amighty’s near.
Saviour. Heaven. God Almighty’s near.

Those shivers are where they belong,
I found them, brought them out and put them in a song.
You might not like this, don’t really care to sing along,
This is my life, and I’m allowed to give it to all,
Jesus Who died, and rose again to reign above,
Gave it all up, humbled Himself for His love,
Received it all back, He’s the Saviour, He has won.

Don’t be surprised
If you see tears in my eyes
When you stab each others’ sides
With your words, wield them like knives,
Let’s pretend nobody notices we’re sly,
Sneaking in the meaning ‘tween the ribs just quick, don’t cry,
We only want the best for you, don’t moan, oh why, oh why?
Stupid self-charade sucking souls so slow, so subtly, so shy,
So shocking, save soliloquy so someone saves somebody’s seat.
Snakes, slipping, sliding, stopped-up souls so slithery.

Are we proud of ourselves?
Carefully boxing each other into hell,
Science is the reason eugenics fell,
But first it was reason that rang the death bell.
Lobotomize the senseless, there’s no one to tell,
We’ll slam the door on skeletons, tell them they smell.
Dry bones should break when brass handles give their knell.

There’s a better way,
Starts with giving up today,
Completely, no saving face,
Jesus Christ is full of grace,
So don’t think He’ll move your place,
No, it’s better to walk in faith
Than overcome every place
That could trouble your embrace,
When all you need is faith,
You’re justified by grace,
Never what you could replace.
We can run this race,
Overcoming death day by day,
Instead of fixing everything
All at once, instead we praise.


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