To My Haters

This is a note to my haters,
Really hope I’ll see you later,
I won’t be a tattle taler,
Naw, you won’t receive that letter.
Not here, not ever
Again, if I can do better.
Think, I think I can do better.

Snicker at me with all you’ve got,
Guess what, giggle-huts, I’ll just give it to God,
Yeah, and what was I thinking when I said that you should watch
Your step around me? Don’t do it, I was wrong.
Nah, dance about freely, I got toes for days, I was wrong.

No wonder I was stopped up in my walk,
I thought I had to boss my own thoughts–I was wrong,
Honest, this walk’s not such a respectable trot,
Guess I’m kinda off to a ball, but that’s not all,
No, I can’t just stroll along like I’m so tall.
‘Cause I’m not… ‘Cause I’m not, I was wrong.

So this is for my haters,
The rest too, if you can relate it,
You might think I’m just ugrateful,
And I’m not saying that your gate is
Somehow more open than faded,
Like your ropes are way more frayed and
Like you’re coping inappropriately–Crazy!
No, I’d rather that you hate me, rather that you face me.

Somehow I just keep on, keep on getting this wrong,
And I know my moods are messed up, this life is so long,
But I can’t complain, my hope is way more strong
Than my endless, self-pitying soliloquy song.
Why would I yell and scream when I could just come along,
Sing a silly song, make a stupid face and pray alone?

And that’s the next little bit,
I’m getting apologetic,
I’m heady, it’s allergenic,
But it’s better for you if I spin this.
Friggin’ anxiety, you’re never gonna win this.

I’m never gonna quit.
I know what I believe, that’s it,
You’re never gonna change the way I think,
I’m already transplanted to a kingdom that is Big.
It was a price too great for me, only One coulda done it.
And you know it, I’ve said it,
Won’t beat you over the head with it,
That’s counterprodutive, think I might be offended
By the way I have manipulated the truth in my defense.

Doesn’t make me right,
It means I want to win this fight,
I know I don’t seem so bright,
But I know I really love my wife,
And in time even life,
You’d be surprised at what I’ll find,
Just need time, if I can drink the wine,
My Helper’s with me all the time.
Don’t need to tell you He’s always on my mind.

I guess I’ll try to be cleverer with it,
But I promise I’ll keep trying not to be offense,
That’s not what I want, I get lonely and tense,
I keep on jabbering, but I just want silence.
All that to say that I’m sorry,
I keep thinking I’m more than ten storeys,
Pretty stupid that I could want glory,
So I’ll say it again, I’m really sorry.


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