Desert Water

There is a place in a desert far away
Where near every day, the children come to play
In the streets, in the dirt, where dust devils dance so brave.

There’s no water in the air,
Dry as hell, and they don’t care.
Ground’s so parched, it’s shiny bare,
Cracked like charcoal after fire.

And sometimes, they all run inside,
The alarm bells scream, all run and hide!
Run and hide!
The watermen are coming, hide your children,
Hide your wife!
Waterjets are rumbling, cracks are filling,
Flood their life!
“This desert life is grumbling,
Only full of strife.”

Then the watermen leave,
Roll up the hoses, retreat,
No one would listen, soaked up to their knees,
Why do the needy not accept reprieve?
Desert folk aren’t broke,
No, they’re tougher than you’re told,
They don’t complain about the load,
They just rebuild, the mud will go.

But look! The lonely well boy,
Not like the watermen, he has joy,
Doesn’t flood the ground, no he just joins
And has enough for everyone, never annoyed.

He bears scars, too, bad ones,
But his eyes are true, like they had more once,
But that’s not now, no, he just runs
Points to what’s in store for hope and for love,
Plenty of water for all the thirsty ones,
Never flood a dry place with more than it wants.

His road isn’t easy,
It’s filled with troubled ev’nings,
Dry mornings and this heat seethes,
But there’s enough for the journey,
Water from a well gives freely,
And in time we see the desert wasn’t really.

There’s an oasis in a place far away
Where the grass has grown where the children play,
And life comes back, yeah, day by day,
Watermen left, oh they ran away,
But the well-water-boy stayed,
Left a flask of water that won’t run out or break.


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