Need a Saviour

I just want to write,
That too much to bite
Off my ear in a fight?
Didn’t think you were right,
I just keep holding so tight,
I’m so not here to fight…

Agh, critics’ll criticize, I just keep killin’ lies,
Lemme emphasize, emphatic eyes’ll never cry,
It’s the empathetic, call ’em all pathetic, but why try?
It’s the imperfections, not our predilections, that’ll count when we die.

Sipping on insipid, scripted, soul-slipping tea,
We’re quittin’ on the Scriptures when we single out the saddest preen,
Honestly, lets be, we think we have need to be bossy,
Get your name embossed at the foot of the tree,
Like your life’s more free
When you’re still working all self-righteously,
Been at this way longer than me,
Or you’re more carefree,
Just do less than me,
Compare yourselves in greed,
But leave me out, I plead.
Honestly, have mercy.

I just really wanted peace,
Desperate to feel free,
And it took a while for me,
Listened to the enemy,
And I’m shakin’ at the knees,
But now I’m in Messiah’s glee.

Am I here for cleverness?
Or is that just the way you think?
Clever is as clever does,
But heaven’s there for those who love.
I can’t act like I’m a dove,
Innocent, unbound from stuff,
No, my life gets more than rough,
I think things that’d make you cough,
Hurt myself real bad, but trust,
God’s my target? My trajectory’s not off,
Heaven’s not a market, we get rejected enough.

Heaven is not a market; we’re already rejected enough.

Planets plummeting from their perilous prate,
Praying to their puny people to preserve their pallid face,
Pulling on the plushy pleather pumps, perpetuate,
Parade the strings, pamper the laces, pull them to their proper place.

It’s sadder that
We all fall flat,
That anger’s at
The front and back
Door and you can’t
Hide panic attacks,
Like gossip can,
Permissions fall and,
Reputations stand,
Boundaries can’t
Pleasure like hate can.

There is no orbit-fixer tourniquette,
No Band-Aid we can build to turn us back,
This momentum is for good and bad,
We do not get to choose our land,
How on earth could we go back?
How on earth could we go back?

We need a Saviour,
Somebody to labour,
And fix all we’ve taken,
Restore what we’re breaking,
Overlook our mistaking
Love for masturbating,
Grace for hashtagging,
Mercy for group-haggling,
Change for #occupying,
Movement for social network savvy,

We’ve been trading without limit,
Invention for advertisement,
Innovation for a profit,
Equality for equal-riot.

Don’t you think we need a change?
Like maybe there could be a way?
If someone out there could help us take
A hold of things and build not break,
Maybe we’d follow his way,
And then we’d know that we’re not fake.

Wouldn’t that be neat?
How could that be beat?
What if that’s what’s permanently
Offered to us, a gift for free?
Would you take hold of mercy
If that was what you really need?
And if you could really see,
Would we ever scream for peace?

It’s Jesus, guys,
I’m not telling lies,
The Son of God died,
Don’t let that surprise
You, He’s love emphasized,
Perfection abides,
In your heart and mine,
If you believe He’s on High,
Jesus died, and rose again! Why?
Because He flipping loves You, does not want you to die.


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