​This is a cautionary tale,
Written in case your conscience fails,
Little dancing words with a promise of faith,
Don’t think it’s absurd, I’m just delivering mail.

It started just the same,
In a Garden without blame,
Found my pardon from old shame,
But I sold it, gave it away.
Now I will tell you about how I slaved,
So you can avoid this quicksand if you pray.

Please avoid this quicksand if you pray…

There’s an ancient enemy
Wagglin’ arms like an anemone,
“What about amending these?”
My oh my, I’m mending, please,
Mind my mind, I’m upending my me.

Losing my identity,
Righteousness trumps my sanity,
Do the right thing, it’s all vanity,
Everything’s sin, relentless gravity,
Put me in a box, lock up my depravity,
But next week, or next month, I’m back with glee.

That’s how far Adam and Eve
Brought us forward evolutionarily,
Great triumph indeed, this insanity,
Knowing what good and evil are is greed,
Why couldn’t they choose life? We’re desperate in need.
But bring us to the Garden and we sing the same soliloquy.

When He says “Go straight”
Oh, don’t turn around or wait,
I promise, it’ll be too late,
The consequences are so great,
You’ll break your heart over your faith,
And demonize your one safe place.
You’ll break your mind, your precious brain,
Don’t do this thing, you’ll go insane…

This is what sacrifice relayed,
Overthrowing darkness in your head,
Time after time, day after day,
Renewing a broken conscience we flayed,
But what’s the point of a one-off play
If you do it again and again every day?
If Jesus died for us, what do we say?
“Do it again”? Or, “Help us today”?
We wanna blend in? Or we’ll worship and praise?

If the worship in your praise is just a song,
Elation will become the addiction that you long
For, and doctrine will be your salvation psalm,
Instead of love that bled so we could come along.

We can’t take more than one step at a time,
God doesn’t mind trees of different kinds,
We’re rooted in Christ for our forever lives,
Why would we admire what has already died?

Forward, that’s all,
Onward, you won’t fall,
What’s next? We may crawl,
But we never quit, not with God.

No, we never quit, not with God.


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