Jeremiah v. Jerome

Who made you so old?
Told you how to go?
What do you sow?
You’re falling, Jerome.
You’re falling like Rome.

Oh you’re one for defiance, I see,
You love your Messiah’s feet
While I’m wise in propriety,
No wonder you’re Jeremiah, weak,
Man of which god? I thought you could speak.
Point fingers and blame, 
You’ve forgotten one name,
Middle one’s my refrain,
Jehovah is God, Joel’s prayin’,
Jesus will help me, not call me names.

You think that your quiet
Could somehow deny it,
But I’ve seen you dying
And there’s naught else for trying,
Let’s face it, resign it.

You’re missing my namesake,
Honest, hope that you break,
I’m a warrior at heart, stomping on snakes,
Once just an insult, I am a Wiebe, plain,
And I will fight in worship and praise.

Picking at your denomer
Like it’ll hit you a homer,
But you’re already disowned, hurt,
What more could you be worth?
You lost, there’s nothing left to burn.

Oh Jerome, why can’t you go home?
Just leave me alone, you’re hopeless intoned,
I’ve eyes through this scope, you’re empty, can’t cope,
I’m a man of truth that you can’t dethrone,
‘Cause I’m not the One Who seats me at Home.

AAAAAGH! Hopeless! You don’t listen.
All of my penance is useless in this prison,
You will not listen, I’m screaming, make decisions!
Your life is not perfect, here, make this incision,
Let’s run in discontent, I can’t be religious.

Your words are dying,
Your eyes dry from crying,
That’s why I’m reminding
You of what Messiah did,
Because of what Messiah did.


Ishmael promised the best,
But he only provided the test,
Isaac is waiting in the wings of the tent,
Ready to walk with me when I’m not hellbent,
So get ready, let’s just go to heaven,
All of this death in me will fall from my hands.

Ichabod’s dethroned,
Your character’s not borrowed,
Freely given gift, don’t be morose.
Cry, “Off with his head,” and onward we go,
Ichabod’s dead, don’t spare him sorrow.


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