Thank You

I will enter His courts with praise!
I will say this is the day
That the Lord has made,
I will rejoice in His Name.
I will be glad in my praise.

This is for nobody but You,
Writing on the pages I’ve proved,
But You know the truth,
This is all I can do…

What am I thankful for?
You always open the door,
Crack open Your store-
House for me to explore.
It’s You I adore,
Jesus, You’re my Lord,
Everything that You are,
It’s these things I admire.
Yes, life leaves a scar,
But it’s paint on a car,
And this lease will expire,
Before I’m retired.

I don’t have a lot to offer,
But God, You get this prophet,
And all of my profit,
I count it all forfeit.

Could I be anything else?
Lord God, You’re my Help,
When I fall like I’m a whelp,
Father, You tend me to health.
So who am I to tell?
And who am I to live hell?
When You’re all I want, still,
And all this is smoke and pills,
It’ll fade like a memory’s will,
No more to tarry, Your Thrill.

I’m not afraid, but I shake,
Lord, in the moment, I break,
But You’re in the decisions I make,
Help me to grow, I will not be fake,
Please, dear Lord, I’m all Yours, fevers break
In Your Light; the darkness is not awake.
Darkness is not awake.
Accusers set their own fate,
Let me only point to Your Way,
I will let the truth take,
Will not let my faith abate,
With You as my Help, I’m made,
If You, Lord, are with me, I cannot fail.

Thank You for Your guidance,
Thank You for forgiveness,
Thank You Lord, for providing,
Thank You, Jesus, for dying.

I couldn’t have received this,
Unless it was given,
Lord, Jesus, You’re risen,
I’ll see You in heaven!

Thank You, Father,
Thank You, Father.


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