What can I say? Do I still trust?
Is this tiny seed of faith enough?

I don’t understand,
I’m feeling so bland,
Numb like I’m mad,
Or like I did something bad,
But I’m caught here, fell flat,
Don’t know how to get back…

I’m just numb inside,
Wish I had medicine, I’ll cry,
At least I’m not wailing, alright?
But why is this always my plight?

Broke, broke, broke,
No one wants to help me cope,
I guess I overextended their rope,
But now what? I’m neediness in throes.

God, are You there?
We had such times fair,
You were close, always there,
What happened, where am I? Where?

Faith makes the pain go away,
Yesterday is always on the fade,
But oh, what about today?
Where is Your provision? I can’t see the way.

PLEASE hold me,
PLEASE don’t let go,
I am empty, cannot bear this hopeless road.

Please, please, stop stringing me along,
Please, please, help me out of this swamp,
I can’t trust anyone, Lord God, they’re gone,
They took their love and used it on their lawn.

Now what?
Now what?
I am broken, but now what?
Can’t find help, I’m fucked.

Ohhhh, ohhhh,
Where is Your hope?
Your heavenly growth?
I am morose…

Ohhhhh, ohhhh,
Help me let gooooo…


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