Upper Crust

What’s there to say?
I think about a lot of things,
Always wanna tell you what I think,
I need my therapist, I need a shrink.

Did you ever notice why the moon goes dark?
The earth gets in its way, for a bit, then departs,
And what name do we give it when it looks like it’s in park?
New moon, we call it new, is that grace that WE impart?

What defines a river if it isn’t its destination?
Who could find deliverance if life is just vacation?
You might see rapids, but that doesn’t mean I’m staying,
Bouncing off the rocks, but I end up in my lake home.

I had a dream last night,
It’s unusual to have it without fright,
But I did, and saw the Northern Lights,
Glowing the horizon like a sci-fi movie night.

And I love the glow,
The sky isn’t so
Full of itself that it won’t go
In favour of a brighter spectacle for hope.

We put the light in our hands,
Bug catcher, hang a carrot out front and dance,
Cell phone, tablet, TV or what have you, we’re entranced,
Leading ourselves along in a deathly lemming cant.

So I’m a sheep,
I guess that’s me,
I follow along, I fall and bleat,
Where’s the next movement so I can eat?

But you see, I hope you see,
I gave all that up for peace,
Oh I see the light grab me,
The internet tries to snare my feet.
But I’m not living in defeat,
Got blinders off, the carrot’s meat,
Jesus helps and nourishes me,
There’s no hash tag, free delivery,
This is what I work on, this is my career,
And now I’m letting you in on my dream.

You know what I heard last time I swerved?
Jesus spoke to me, said “Remember what you heard?”
You do not want a life of sin, so let Me help you learn,
You can’t just walk away from something you have earned.

There would be no hope for us,
If we did not follow in trust,
This was walked on by Jesus,
Christ’s people have no upper crust.


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