I tell you what I struggle with,
And I tell you how I cope with it,
You might not like my honestness,
But it’s not like you’re on this trip,
So I tell you what I struggle with.

I’m forgiven,
I used to walk in sin,
Mind corrupted within,
Always just trying to win.
But I’m forgiven.

I have hurt people,
Honestly, my actions were evil,
I’d just aim, bam, bam, reload,
Got you with my fingers guns, I’m a hero!
But I have hurt people…

Grace, grace takes it away,
Healing comes when our heads feel grey,
When we just can’t see the way,
And we call on Yahweh,
Grace takes it all away.

My debt is cancelled,
It’s something I can’t handle,
Too much to take in, it’s a hefty candle,
And even when my mind is addled,
My debt is cancelled.

Run with me, Saviour, free,
Help me see, oh don’t leave me be,
Keep me, hold me, I will serve my King,
Forever and always, help me run to Thee,
Run with me, Saviour, free!

I’m just writing in fives,
Mind’s covered in hives,
Been waiting to feel better for awhile,
But I’m not out of style,
I’m just writing in fives…

I’m pushing hard today,
Medicine man makes me wait,
But it’s okay, yeah it’s okay,
Pharmacist might save my day,
I’m just pushing hard today.

It’s harder to write right now
Than it would be to scream aloud,
But I’m a man of God now,
And I live for Jesus, give him all I’ve found,
But it’s hard to write right now.

Now now now…

I know “Ow” is honest,
I said it hurts, you think I want this,
I said it hurts, you act like I wish,
My disorder is the way you cut me when you dish.
Please know “Ow” is honest.

Patience trumps your sense of victory,
Waiting jumps the gun of feeling sensitively,
I can ignore this one if You just help me,
Wish I had medicine, but instead I’m waiting,
Patience trumps your sense of victory.

At least I don’t wonder anymore,
If I’m addicted to this help, if I’m a whore,
I know my Helper’s holy Name is more,
Than anything you could write on ny door.
So at least I don’t wonder anymore.

This is fun,
I feel dumb,
100% anxiety-won,
But I belong to the Son,
This is fun!

I walk by faith
Because my body breaks,
I don’t need to take
A break, I need to wait.
I walk by faith.

I’m going to share this,
Because I’m so daring,
But if you think I’m snaring,
I will retreat to where I’m carried,
I’m going to share this.


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