I’m just about done introducing myself,
It will not be long until I’m off of this shelf,
This season was long, I struggled like hell,
And what could come next, only time will tell.
But here’s the thing I need you to see,
A spirit of fear decides you’re guilty,
But that’s not Who lives inside of me,
I’m often tempted, but that’s everybody.

No, you know what I have?
I got the Spirit of my heavenly Dad!
Power that overcomes all the bad,
Love that skips dirt and looks to be glad,
A sound mind that knows just where I’m at.

I’m serious, have you ever seen this?
When I’m weary and cannot overcome sin,
Jesus comes along and beats it ’til it’s thin,
I never stay in things that tell God I can’t win.

And I’m still learning that
It’s hard to change my thinking hat,
But I remember Who has my back,
He’s always there in all I lack.

And this one is important,
Yeah, His mind is not an organ,
But He doesn’t lie about things,
No, He points it out, then works it.

So I’m a little bit broken in the brain.
Did you really think it was God I profane?
Then you’ve never cared to see this is my shame,
I’m just telling you about it so you can see what’s plain.

Fear tells you what’s wrong,
Love says, just come along,
Fear says, God is gone,
Love says, I’m in this song.


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