Mountain Tops

I don’t know this,
Lord, I’m searching.
This is worship:
To seek You eternal.

So I will climb to the mountain tops,
And I will survey what my Father brought,
To my eyes, to my mind, to my thoughts,
I just want to praise my God a lot.

Lightning strikes often in the high places,
Thunder rumbles down over lowland grazings,
We summit to lift God’s Name in praises,
And run downhill to celebrate His Namesake.

Mountaintops are where we win,
These are places we overcome sin.
Moses received the Law, witnessed
Glory in heaven, now we have it within.

The uphill road was hard,
We thought that we’d got charred,
But now that we’re His ward,
We’ll receive His heavenly reward.

Jesus climbed the mountain to pray,
Spent all night there, He found a quiet place
Far away from the chase, from the human rat race,
He stole away, a quiet place, a quiet place.
So let’s chase His pace,
Find the quiet in His embrace,
On the summit, in the valley race,
Wherever we might find His grace.

But remember when you see,
To enjoy all the scenery,
Because for all things, ends must be,
But it’s always new, walking free.
Because what dies if it isn’t a seed?
And what’s new is a mighty oak tree.

So, dear sister of mine,
If again you hear this line:
“I’ll take you to the mountaintops,” take time,
And appreciate ev’rything you have left behind,
All good things happen in God’s perfect time,
So gaze ahead and take in all that’s in His eye.


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