Can’t Shut Me Up

I tried to keep it quiet,
Thought maybe I’d hide it,
If I wait, it might expire,
I thought, but I’ve retired,
Devil’s calling me a liar,
Tell him his pants are on fire,
Got no time for this mire;
Get me straight and honest-eyed, Father…

Got nothing to hide,
Just look me in the eye,
If you can find it, I am shy,
But I’m on this, cannot tell me not to try,
Sittin’ on my balcony and I’m lookin’ at the sky,
It’s a gloomy kind of day, cloudy, foggy and grey,
Kinda like it this way, see, I will not waste away,
But my mind, my my, mind my mind I do not mind…

See I’m rocking this game
It’s not gibberish today,
I’m not pushing you away,
I’m just friggin’ tired, ‘kay?
When I stagger home at eight
Instead of hanging out way late,
I don’t wanna make you wait,
But by noon, I have exhausted my brain,
It’s kinda stupid how I’m always at this game,
But that’s okay, I know I’m kinda lame,
I’m just happier when I can tell the sunrise he’s late.

So I won’t fit in,
And I’m loving what I’m in,
Even if I cannot win,
There is always a blessing,
And I trip up on my sin,
But that’s when my Saviour wins.

It’s crazy man, I get so hazy,
Cannot see through this maze, see,
Most days it’s just always with me,
I hear when people call me crazy,
Used to make me cry, now I just agree,
And I laugh about the look on your face me.

But it’s alright, I’m not uptight,
It’s the month-long panic attacks that set me alight,
But you can’t understand this fight,
And I’m not here to whine about my plight,
‘Cause it’s the Walking Dead, my circumstancial right,
Not an endless game of Whack-A-Mole at night.
Alright, it’s alright, if you don’t think I’m so bright,
That’s okay, I am not here to make you think I’m right.

Nah, I’m all eyes up,
Looking over all my stuff,
Cannot bear it, true enough,
So I stare at God’s own Son,
‘Cause in Him this war got won,
It’s a victory parade, let’s run!
Until the Son’s glory has come.


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